As said in the description, every journey has a beginning and here is a little write-up for the beginning of my blogging journey. In the past I've created many blogs but nothing was publicly available or updated because I was not satisfied by the result. As a therapy and to improve my writing skills, I will try to post articles on a monthly basis on things I've learned or hacked during my developer journey, which have started 10 years ago, even if it's not perfect in my point of view.

The best is the enemy of the good — Voltaire


I've already used static site generators like Jekyll and Hugo but I've never used Gatsby before. When I've decided to create another a blog, it was a good opportunity to try Gatsby. To start my journey I've opened in my browser and entered the following commands in my shell:

$ npx gatsby-cli new
$ cd && npm run develop

After many days, I was really pleased by the simplicity and the productivity of this framework. The list of plugins and resources is impressive, the only limit is your creativity. If you're familiar with JavaScript and React, give it a try, I'm sure you'll be pleased.


Same here, I've used many hosting platforms before like GitHub Pages and Amazon CloudFront but I've never used Netlify. I've seen many times on my Twitter feed that Netlify is awesome and there is a starter plan at $0/month, so I've tried it. I must admit that I'm really impressed by its simplicity and intuitive user interface. To deploy this website I've just done the following steps:

  1. Created an account
  2. Connected my GitHub repository
  3. Clicked the Deploy site button
  4. Done

The build command and the deploy directory has been configured for me because Netlify has detected that it's a Gatsby project. In a minute my website is publicly available and deployed automatically after a commit to the master branch 🎉.